Uşak Karahallı Cumhuriyet Secondary School visited Pamukkale Technopolis

  Pamukkale Teknokent-TTO unit and members of Hazar Team, one of the Teknofest competition teams, talked about Pamukkale Teknokent in the conference hall for our guest students.

  Students were informed about the concept of Technopolis by touching on technology, innovation and R&D issues. Pre-incubation and incubation offices, Hackerspace co-working space, patent and entrepreneurship issues were conveyed to the students in the light of the National Technology Move. Later in the programme, members of the Hazar Team from Teknofest teams told our guests about their first place in Turkey for two years, Teknofest 2021 preparations and their experiences so far.

  After the presentations, Hackerspace co-working space and "Funika Games", one of our Teknokent companies, were visited. During the visit, the company employees gave information about mobile games and the projects they have done.

   As Pamukkale Teknokent, we would like to thank the students and teachers of Cumhuriyet Secondary School who visited us from Uşak Karahallı district for their visit.