Pamukkale Technology Transfer Office

Technology Transfer Office

Transformation of Knowledge into Entrepreneurship

Pamukkale Technology Transfer Office (Pamukkale TTO) was established in 2010 under the roof of Pamukkale Technopolis and attracted attention with the activities it started in 2011. In 2014, it succeeded in becoming one of the 9 TTOs supported by TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB 1601 Technology Transfer Offices Support Programme.

The activities we carry out as Pamukkale TTO:


Our goal is for Pamukkale Technology Transfer Office (TTO) to become an internationally recognised institution that supports the "Domestic and National Production" initiative by making significant contributions to regional and national socio-economic development, establishing valuable collaborations with enterprises in the production and service sectors and all other participants in the innovation ecosystem, especially our university partners.


By acting as an important interface in the process of transforming knowledge into products and technologies that add value to the economy, it aims to create an environment that strengthens Public-University-Industry cooperation, to bring knowledge to economic value, to support and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship, to enable our target audience to benefit from existing supports and incentives at the maximum level, to protect technological knowledge and to create a rich Intellectual and Industrial Property (IP) portfolio, to manage and commercialise this portfolio effectively.

Pamukkale TTO

Purpose and Activities

Awareness, Promotion, Information and Training Services

We increase TTO awareness by organising training, seminars, symposiums, congresses, workshops, workshops, etc. on support programmes, university-industry cooperation, intellectual property rights, patent and licensing, entrepreneurship and incorporation with R&D and innovation-oriented public / private sector institutions, academicians and students.
We introduce the infrastructure and resources of universities to the business world.

Services for Benefiting from Support Programmes

We inform students, academic staff and private sector representatives who can benefit from national and international support programmes and bring them together with the appropriate grant support programme.
With the "Mentoring Support Programme", we enable academic staff who have not applied for a project before or whose applications have not been approved to meet with colleagues with project experience and receive consultancy support.
We offer project preparation support to lecturers who come with a project idea.

Project Development/Management Services (University-Industry Cooperation Activities)

In order to transform the academic knowledge of universities into products and services with high value and technology, we prepare R&D projects and mediate their implementation in the industry.

Intellectual Property Rights Management and Licensing Services

Entrepreneurship and Incorporation Services