Pamukkale Teknokent hosted guest students from abroad within the scope of "Maker Education" Project.

Within the scope of Erasmus+KA229 Project mobility carried out under the coordination of Denizli Erbakır Science High School, an activity was carried out with the students of various schools from Romania, Macedonia, Portugal, Italy and Poland countries with the contributions of our companies as Pamukkale Teknokent.

With the participation of 32 students, teachers and Erbakır Science High School students and teachers from European countries, our guests were informed about Pamukkale Teknokent, 3D Probox and Hazar Team, one of the Teknofest teams, with English presentations and Partner Republic company visits.

In the event, as Pamukkale Technopolis and TTO unit, the contributions we have made for our Technology Development Zone and our country, our R&D and Innovation activities, the collaborations between University and Industry, and the projects and technological innovations carried out by our companies were mentioned. The system that enables 3D modelling of objects developed by 3D Probox, one of our companies, was introduced. One of the students was modelled with the 3D ProBox App mobile application. 3D models produced from mobile phones, cameras and unmanned aerial vehicles were shown and it was explained in which areas they can be used and how they can produce models.

Hazar Team, which won many first places in Teknofest Rocket Category Competitions, introduced the rockets they developed for Teknofest competitions in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Funika Games company gave information about the game industry and game development to our participants and created a pleasant and informative chat environment. During the company visit, our guests had fun playing the games developed by Funika Games and had the opportunity to get to know the projects developed by Funika Games more closely.