PAU Teknokent's projects left their mark on the 100th anniversary cortege march.

Pamukkale University participated in the cortege march for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic and 29 October Republic Day with 32 student societies and more than 400 students from Teknokent. The projects prepared by PAU Teknokent students left their mark on the cortege march.

Pamukkale University (PAU), Rock Club, PAU Protected Football Club, Underwater Club, Professional and Career Club, Theatre Club, Chefs and Pastry Makers Club, Pamukkale University Maker Club, PAU Esports Club, Young Leaders Club, Aviation Club, Tourist Guides Club, Gastronomy Club, Educators and Children Club, Pamukkale Medical Faculty Stem Cell and Scientific Research Club, Kemalist Thought Club, Poetry Club, Management Informatics Community, Folk Dances Community, Breath Community, Western Literatures and Art Community, Culture, Idea and Art Community, Academic Colours Community, Automotive Community, PAU Turkish World Yoruk Turkmen Community, Turkish Folk Music Community, Dance Community, University Active Youth, Business Community, Eurasian Young Entrepreneurs Community, Research and Development Community, Goodness Producers Community and Special Education Community with 350 students. year cortege march with a wide participation.

Technopolis projects made an impression

PAU Teknokent took part in the 29 October cortege march with 62 students in 9 project teams. PAU Teknokent's Hazar Team carrying 3 rocket designs, 1 of which is vertical landing, Algan Team carrying their own design UAV, Ulaş Team with its oil extinguishing rocket project, Rigid Team with its flying amphibious vehicle design and Pusat Team introducing unmanned underwater vehicle projects, as well as Graphone, Umay, Alaz and Altay teams participating in the march, attracted great attention from citizens following the celebrations.