An important step from PAU and Pamukkale Teknokent for university-industry cooperation

Pamukkale Teknokent Yönetici A.Ş. (Pamukkale Teknokent) and Pamukkale University (PAU) opened the Teknokent University-Industry Cooperation Portal (TeknoÜSİP) in order to improve the cooperation between Denizli industry and Pamukkale University (PAU) and to bring together the knowledge of the experienced academicians of the University with industrial production.

Pamukkale Technopolis, which continues its activities with the mission of providing world-class, effective technopolis services to companies and organisations that will operate in the fields of advanced technology, innovation and software development in order to use the existing resources of its stakeholders more efficiently or to create new resources for them, brought Denizli industrialists and PAU academicians together on a common platform. TeknoÜSİP, which will enable the application of new and most appropriate technological methods to the industry and to obtain products with high competitiveness and added value that are beneficial to the society and economy; TechnoÜSİP, which will enable the academic studies carried out within the university to be carried out practically in the industrial field and to develop projects, has been opened for the use of academicians and sector representatives.

For the details of the news: https://haber.pau.edu.tr/Haber/universite-sanayi-is-birligi-adina-pau-ve-pamukkale-teknokentten-onemli-adim-479