Term Candidate District Governors were informed about the functioning of Technopolis and Development Agencies

The 108th term district governor candidates, who are undergoing internship under the supervision of the Civil Inspector, visited Pamukkale Technopolis and South Aegean Development Agency (GEKA) together with Ali Alper Orkun, Chief Civil Inspector of the Ministry of Interior. During the visit, district governor candidates were given presentations and information about the structure and activities of development agencies and technocities.

During the visit of Ali Alper Orkun, Chief Inspector of Finance of the Ministry of Interior, and district governor candidates to Pamukkale Teknokent and GEKA; Pamukkale University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Necip Atar, Beyağaç District District Governor Burak Öz, GEKA Secretary General Özgür Akdoğan, Denizli Organised Industrial Zone Manager Ahmet Taş, Deputy General Manager of Teknokent Mesut Aydınlı and Pamukkale Teknokent Company Officials were also present.
Within the framework of the programme, the district governor candidates, who are expected to contribute to the future vision of Turkey with the work they will put forward in their areas of authority: They were informed about the structure and activities of Development Agencies and Technocities. The first presentation in the programme was made by GEKA Secretary General Özgür Akdoğan. The activities and service areas of the South Aegean Development Agency were explained to the candidate district governors by Secretary General Akdoğan. Ahmet Taş, Director of Denizli Organised Industrial Zone (OIZ), informed the participants about the general characteristics of OIZs and Denizli OIZ. The structure and activities of technocities were explained by Abdulkadir Kodal, corporate communication officer of Pamukkale Technopolis.
Within the framework of the programme, information about institutions such as development agencies, technocities and Organised Industrial Zones was given to the candidate district governors.